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Indoor Tanning has to be Out

indoor tanningAccording to a new study, thousands of cases of skin cancer and also deaths could be prevented in the U.S. if people allowed to use tanning beds had to be at least 18 years old. Those who use indoor tanning beds are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, a major risk factor for skin cancer. The research also showed that using indoor tanning beds before age 35 increases the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, with every use.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed a ban on indoor tanning for those under 18, and many states already have such laws in place. And the American Academy of Dermatology Association has supported the age restriction since the FDA proposed it last year.

Simply put, the study proves that indoor tanning is bad for your health, at any age.

We hope these kinds of studies will convince everyone to stay out of indoor tanning beds. But an age restriction for minors would at least take an important step forward in the fight against skin cancer. Most experts agree that by restricting the use of indoor tanning for minors, potentially thousands of lives could be saved.

Diagnosing melanoma

Depending on the stage of the disease, diagnosis of melanoma may include everything from an exam, blood tests and a biopsy to advanced testing such as x-rays and scans.

Surgical treatment for melanoma

The most common treatment for melanoma is surgical removal of the identified cancerous cells, which could be a simple excision where cancer and a small amount of normal skin at the edges are removed. A wide excision may be necessary, which includes cutting out the tumor and a larger area of normal skin. In some cases, melanoma patients require a lymph node dissection for lab study to discover if cancer has spread.

For surgical treatment of melanoma

First, we encourage you to avoid the risk by avoiding tanning beds and using sunscreen every day. Should you need surgical treatment for melanoma, call for an appointment today: (908) 722-0030.



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